Academic Publications

Academic Texts require careful editing to ensure formatting follows proper styles, content is properly cited and publications are checked for inadvertent plagiarism.

Technical Manuals

Designing a product is only part of a successful invention. Writing clear, concise instructions to guide users on proper usage can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence.


Grammar and style are more relaxed in fictional publications, but a great novel can quickly become a dud if there are numerous inconsistencies in timelines, locations and character relationships.

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Treasure of Shorter Front Cover Art

Treasure of Shorter

A casual search for a term paper topic turns into a dangerous quest to fulfill a dead college president’s dream. Hidden tunnels, secret societies, danger and deception, and a treasure within a treasure, all lead to a Christmas break like no other.

Stone and I

Imagine sitting by a fire engaging in real philosophical discourse in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Such an impression awaits, as you embark upon your Stone and I journey. Dan’s poetry encapsulates his thoughts and passions as he ponders the life-forms, objects, and events that surround him. Witty adventures, emotional ties with family and friends, and concerns about the future unfold before you.

Just Beneath the Surface: A Seven Hills Mystery

“Those girls are strange.”
Well, that’s what many of the town folk are saying. From furtive whispers and cruel pranks to police interviews and veiled threats, the Culpepper girls are in the thick of it. Seven Hills, a quaint New England town, has become a tourist magnet since Witchcraft became cool. Halloween is rapidly approaching, and…

Book Cover: Psychology in the Justice System: Second Edition

Psychology in the Justice System: Second Edition

Our latest editing project is now in publication. Sincere thanks to authors Jared Linebach and Lea Kovacsiss for entrusting their latest work to our editing skills.