Here Are A few of Our Services

  • Need your next academic publication proofed for grammatical errors, incorrect or missing citations, improper style?
  • Your textbook content is good. But does it need some refinement to make it more clear or more engaging to your readers?
  • You have just produced a new product. Does it require an instructional manual, written clearly so your customers can put it together or use it properly?
  • Your latest novel is a good read but could it use some enhancements and illustrations to make it a great read? Are there timeline and character inconsistencies that may ruin your story’s credibility? Are some of the locations and adventures not as clear or exciting to your readers as they are in your mind?
  • Can you benefit from advise and guidance completing small-project support tasks, from project management and business analysis through developing ‘how-to’ procedures and training customers?
  • Developing materials to promote you in your personal career growth, from developing your resume/CV to coaching you through the search process can be a daunting task.

We Can Help!