Mark Hanigan has over 40 years experience in writing, editing, instructional design, training, project management and business analysis. He has been a keynote and sought after speaker in related topics in 15 countries, 5 Canadian Provinces and 32 States. He takes pride in taking his work seriously but not himself.

Jennifer Spencer brings a diversity of skillsets to the table including business management, writing, editing, and business analysis. Her skillsets include running two successful businesses prior to joining On the Write Track. Jenny takes pride in keeping projects on time, within scope, and on budget.

Harold Lalos is a web design and development specialist who also has excellent writing and editing skills. Harold has run three successful businesses. Harold takes pride in being able to tackle any technical challenge.

Frank Calapristi has over 40 years of department management and project management experience. He has worn many hats in the IT arena including project manager, developer and business analyst. Frank was once named international employee of the year for Lockheed Martin. Frank mixes a warm personality with focused business acumen.