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Book Cover: Psychology in the Justice System: Second Edition

Psychology in the Justice System: Second Edition

Our latest editing project is now in publication. Sincere thanks to authors Jared Linebach and Lea Kovacsiss for entrusting their latest work to our editing skills.

This updated edition extends the first edition’s illustration of psychology within the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is often considered to be a faceless, cold system devoid of any human emotion or characteristic. The field of forensic psychology and the contents of this book illustrate a personal and emotional side of the criminal justice system because of the human influence within the system.

Cover Art: Book Cover: Psychology in the Justice System

Psychology in the Justice System

This book introduces aspects of forensic psychology that the reader may not realize are relevant to the field. Forensic psychology can be defined as any area of the legal system where psychology is applied or consulted.

The second edition of this book is now available on Amazon.

Just Beneath the Surface: A Seven Hills Mystery

“Those girls are strange.”

Well, that’s what many of the town folk are saying. From furtive whispers and cruel pranks to police interviews and veiled threats, the Culpepper girls are in the thick of it. Seven Hills, a quaint New England town, has become a tourist magnet since Witchcraft became cool. Halloween is rapidly approaching, and the festive spirit is in full swing.

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